Create an OpenELEC USB on Mac OS X

If you’re seeking to create an OpenELEC install USB on OS X, you’ll be disappointed to find that there is no easy “create_installstick” script for Mac as there is for Windows/Linux.

Luckily this has already been worked out in the OpenELEC forums. You can download a convenient little image here!

After you’ve downloaded the OpenELEC .tar.bz2 file, unarchive it, and then simply download the above file and put it in the newly created OpenELEC folder.

Now, cd to the OpenELEC folder and chmod +x to make it executable. Before you run the script make sure you have your USB disk plugged in so the script sees it. Beware, all data on it will be deleted during the script’s execution!

Now, sudo su and then ./create_installstick_osx!

You will be asked to choose the right disk (don’t get this wrong!) and to confirm your understanding that its current contents will be lost and overwritten. The script will then unmount the disk, format it, download some small tools, and then copy the OpenELEC install image over. At the end of it, the USB can be safely removed as it is already unmounted. Here’s a little shot of what’ll happen:

OpenELEC Install Script

Happy XBMC’ing!

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