Homebrew Versus MacPorts

So on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to get rid of MacPorts and try out Homebrew. Before nuking MacPorts, I made a short list of the ports I wanted to reinstall with Homebrew. To uninstall I followed these handy isntructions here.

So, MacPorts was now uninstalled and Homebrew was successfully installed. I nuked the /usr/local dir (except for a couple of binaries in ./bin) and rm’d a Mono framework in /Library that brew doctor complained about.

I proceeded to install a few ports I used to have installed via MacPorts, and they went okay. Irssi ran fine. However, I started getting rather annoyed with brew when well-known ports such as mpd started failing to compile. And it wasn’t just one, it was disparagingly often. I switched away from MacPorts for less work not more! I simply couldn’t be bothered, so I promptly removed brew and reinstalled MacPorts. My poor old MacBook is recompiling everything all over again.

Perhaps it was just me with the mpd compilation problem? Either way, a shame – it seemed quite nice.

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